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Visiting Boston: Walking The Freedom Trail

When I lived on Boston, I loved to walk the Freedom Trail with friends and family.   The Freedom Trail, is a 2.5-mile, brick-lined route that takes you to 16 historically significant sites: museums, meeting houses, churches, and (my favorite) cemeteries. Boston is a very walkable city with excellent public transit (in case you get […] Read more…

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Visiting Boston: The Make Way For Ducklings Statues

Last weekend I visited Boston. One of my must-dos?   Visiting the Make Way For Ducklings statues!   One of my favorite children’s stories was written by an author named Robert McCluskey. It’s a book called, “Make Way for Ducklings.”   The story chronicles duck parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, and their adventures as they […] Read more…

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4 Things I’ve Learned With Age

On my birthday, I am always reflective. I use the day as an annual opportunity to reflect on my life, consider who I am and think about the things I’d like to work on, improve or change. This year, I reflected on four things I’ve learned with age. What do you think?   1. You […] Read more…

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