Restaurant Review: Elevation Burger Is Organic But Not Tasty

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The Food: I really wanted to like Elevation Burger, because it’s an organic restaurant and the concept seemed cool.


It had received great reviews and I was expecting to be impressed.


I wanted a burger with cheese, but learned that the only type of cheese available is aged cheddar.


I hate cheddar.


Still, cheddar cheese was better than no cheese, so I ordered it.


When I unwrapped my burger, it was very, very small. I didn’t mind the price of the burger, because organic foods are usually priced higher. However, I was dismayed to see the child-sized burger in my bag {I know, I know: portion control}.


At Elevation, they cook the burgers while you wait. I ordered the Elevation cookies and sat inside the restaurant to eat them while the staff cooked my burger. The cookies were terrible and tasted undercooked. Both my mom and I spit them out and threw them away before our burgers even arrived.


That should have been a sign of things to come.


When I tasted my burger I was even more bummed out.


I love bison burger, turkey burgers, and of course, Kobe beef burgers. I was expecting a “different” taste as this burger was organic.


What I was not expecting: meat with an awful aftertaste.


Because the burger was expensive, my mom insisted on eating her entire burger although she didn’t like it very much.


I hated my burger and threw it away.


As much as I want to recommend an organic burger joint to you, I can’t suggest you spend your money there.


If you must eat there, order the french fries. They’re prepared in olive oil and quite tasty. I saw the staff peeling potatoes to make them while I placed my order. They’re prepared fresh, in the store.


The restaurant also has one of those new fancy Coke machines, that allows you to mix and match soda flavors. We had fun playing with the Coke machine {although there’s nothing organic about a Coke machine}.



The Service: The staff was helpful and friendly. The cashier gave me samples of sauces to try, so that I could familiarize myself with the other sauces at the restaurant. She was very nice and helpful, suggesting a milkshake that she personally liked.


I saw the manager floating from table to table chatting with customers and asking for feedback. She answered questions and gave background on the chain. It’s unusual to see a fast food manager so involved. She was a great advocate for the brand.


Seeing her at work made me sad that I didn’t find the food edible.


The Location: Elevation Burger is located on Washtenaw Avenue, an extremely busy street just between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. The site is difficult to get to, due to the incredible amount of traffic on this street. It took us almost 15 minutes to exit the very small parking lot. The lack of parking and difficult approach make this an undesirable place to visit often.


The Verdict: Skip the traffic and the terrible aftertaste. Elevation burger will probably be popular among Ann Arbor foodies. Although I like organic foods, I can’t stand anything with an aftertaste.


If you go, let me know what you think!


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