Cupcake Station: Great Stop for Cupcakes on Campus

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The Cupcake Station has the best cupcakes in Ann Arbor.


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My parents have been sampling cupcakes as part of their regularly scheduled retirement activities. They love the Cupcake Station and use them for gifting and catering when events call for cupcakes or dessert.

I had eaten cupcakes from this store at a catered event a few years ago, but yesterday’s visit was the first time I had ever been to its retail venue.

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We decided to buy a few different kinds of cupcakes and have a cupcake tasting.

After tasting all flavors we agreed that three of the four cupcakes were outstanding.

We tried four very different types of cupcakes: Red Velvet, German Chocolate, What’s Up Doc (carrot cake), and “The Original” a yellow cake with chocolate icing.

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We loved the Red Velvet, German Chocolate and What’s Up Doc.

We felt “The Original” was dry and underwhelming. In the photo below you can see that it’s kind of crumby whereas in the photo above you can see just how moist the carrot cake is.

That said, we agreed that no one really visits a cupcake store for plain flavors anyway.

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The cupcakes were moist, the buttercream frosting was creamy, and the variety was so diverse that there were even options for vegans and dogs!

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Centrally located, the Cupcake Station would be a great place to meet friends. The inside has several tables and a lot of space.

Two large cases near the cash register display several varieties of cupcakes. You’ll note that in my photographs the cases were fairly empty as when we arrived a few hours before close.

The Cupcake Station has great specials each day of week. Its commitment to motivating promotions has a direct impact on the quantity of cupcakes available–on buy two get one free day, for example, you should plan to get there sooner than later.


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It should also be noted that the staff at the Cupcake Station were very friendly and informative. The shop has four locations in the Detroit metro area.

Each location bakes more than 20 different flavors of cupcakes each day, and I was pleased to see that the oven was located inside the store (new readers: I always check–I don’t care for cupcakes that are shipped in from another location).

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I would love to hear from you. What’s you favorite cupcake store?

If you’re in Ann Arbor, stop by the Cupcake Station and give it a try!


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  • Kschattner

    That Samoa cupcake looks amazing!! I want to try.

  • Christina Beaute

    those looks so good! The Campfire cupcake would be something I’d love to try!