Adventures In Blue Paper Bikinis

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Today we had the best time ever in disposable blue paper bikinis.

I know that JBS likes to be pampered, and I wanted her trip to Mexico City to be great. But my spa experiences in Mexico haven’t been blissful. My manicures haven’t been enjoyable or long lasting and all three of my pedicures have involved band-aids, bleeding and open-toe shoes for days after services.

Not good.

When I purchased our sofa from Liverpool, I noticed that they had a spa in the furniture department. Not classy– but the store sells everything: tires, champagne, perfume, Krispy Kreme donuts, Gucci and Halloween decorations.

I made a reservation.

Normally, I only get spa services from stores that specialize in spa offerings–but I like Liverpool. It’s close to my house, and sometimes in life, you need to take chances.

We showed up in the furniture department and walked into the spa. After completing a simple health form we walked in. Once we walked through the first door, I totally forgot that we were in the furniture department. We were escorted into a beautiful, tranquil spa. The photo below shows the beautiful garden at the second entrance.

Our attendant, Vanessa, handed us a one-size-fits-all blue paper bikini.

At first, we didn’t know what it was (it was in plastic). We slipped on the bikinis. The really great thing about one-size-fits-all paper swimwear, is that it immediately fits and instantly looks as good as it possibly can.

Because it was Mexican Independence Day, no one was at the spa but us. The staff seemed relieved to see us and made our visit worth our while. We enjoyed the sauna, steam baths, three different whirlpools and the very fabulous relaxation chairs: mosaic tile chairs that provided a warm, relaxing place to sit. Vanessa treated us to raspberries in chocolate, strawberries in chocolate, trail mix with white chocolate, water, infused water and lots of other goodies.

Then we went to the massage rooms. The massage itself was awesome. Would highly recommend. I felt a little terrible for not giving the spa more credit, because the facility and execution were incredible. The massage was supposed to last for 40 minutes. We spent three and a half hours in the spa with the attendants. It was amazing. We weren’t really sure if we got extra special treatment because it was a holiday and there were no other customers, or if in Mexico, a massage that is supposed to take 40 minutes lasts three hours….either way, we were wearing paper bikinis and enjoying every minute of it. We weren’t asking a lot of questions.

Before leaving Liverpool, we went down to the second floor so I could show JBS the toy section. She insisted on riding the carousel, so we did. Then, we went downstairs to the Domaine Chandon counter for some champagne. All in all, it was a fun way to spend the day.

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