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A Moving Story is a blog is about my family, food + travel and my inspired life.

Wife. Mother. Friend. Adventurer.

My name is Kim Sundy. I’m the editor of A Moving Story— and the proud mom of a tween boy and an English Springer Spaniel named, “Ranger”. Launched in 2012, A Moving Story features articles on travel, food and inspiration. I love to travel, visit restaurants and share my discoveries with my readers. As I navigate my thirties, I write honest, inspirational posts about my life experiences. Throughout my journey, I try to lead an inspired life, powered by positivity.

After two wonderful years in Mexico City, our family recently relocated to a very small town in western Michigan. While we’re excited to live at the beach and be a bit closer to the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan {Go Blue!}, living in a small town is sure to be a transition. I’m a former Army wife {Go Army! Beat Navy!} and this blog is called, “A Moving Story” because we’ve moved 13 times in 15 years of marriage. Moving, traveling and making friends are my expertise.

This site is updated at least four times a week. I also tweet, Instagram and Pin my adventures. Click on any of the links to learn more.

If you’re a new reader, you may enjoy my “new here” section, which is a collection of many of my favorite and most popular posts.

I created this award-winning lifestyle blog to catalogue my travels and stay connected with my family while living abroad as an expat in Mexico City. What began as a diary quickly became a go-to guide for English-speaking readers on restaurants, attractions and inspired living.

My reader is an intelligent, conscientious woman who loves to discover things ahead of the curve. Enthusiastic and loyal, she believes that the best is yet to come, that tomorrow’s another day and that there’s always a solution. Her peers know her as the reliable, out-going friend. She’s well-read and in-the-know on things that are under the radar. Because of this she’s the planner of the group if you’re going out and the person you can count on to stay and help clean up if you’re staying in! My blog and writing style appeals to an influencer audience and women like her.

As is common in the travel industry, I may receive complimentary travel or reduced rates at restaurants, hotels, resorts and attractions. If this happens, I always disclose these benefits at the end of a post. I strive to be fair and impartial in reviewing properties, attractions and destinations, even when I enjoy complimentary perks.



  • I welcome press releases and travel product information. Following are guidelines:
  • Please send any information you would like me to review to: ksundy at gmail.com
  • I do not review things I haven’t experienced.
  • I always write honest, heartfelt reviews. Before connecting with me, please note that I will always give a fair critique to the product and will not write sponsored review posts where I rave about a product, just because the post is sponsored.


Currently, A Moving Story does not accept paid advertising. I do swap buttons with other bloggers and review products and travel related requests.

 I do not accept monetary compensation for my time.

  • http://expatalien.wordpress.com Expat Alien

    I have given you a blog award, check it out

  • http://lifeoutthebox.wordpress.com lifeoutofthebox

    I like the die by your outlook calender. Well stated. Gotta live life to the fullest

    • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

      Agree! Abandoning Outlook, I’ve become someone I enjoy being around!!

  • samantha

    Hi – Like you, I am soon to become a trailing spouse in the DF (moving this summer) and have read your blog with great interest! I have some questions that I would love to ask, about schools (I have a 13 year old), your relocation company, and how you found a ‘muchacha’…if you are willing, is there some way to email you privately? Love your blog!

  • http://petroleumwife.wordpress.com petroleumwife

    Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Your blog is truly so inspiring and creative. Thank you! If you’d like to accept, here are the rules:


    • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

      OMG! I just saw this!! Thank you so much PW! You are an inspiration to me!!!! Have an awesome weekend!!! <3

  • http://sylviesfashionsecrets.wordpress.com Sylvie

    Then one day, my fiance came home and asked if I might like to move to Canada, and I said, “yes”. Did I mention, I had never even been to Canada? And since then, things haven’t been so predictable. SOOO SIMILAR! Isn`t, it? ;) Good luck for everything, but 1st of all, happy blogging! :)

    • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

      That is awesome!!! Happy New Year!!

      • http://sylviesfashionsecrets.wordpress.com Sylvie

        The same to you! :)

    • http://partlycloudy.co.uk/ Londonmoo

      My husband did that too – only for Singapore. Does this happen a lot, do you think?! Love this blog, btw

      • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

        Thank you!!!! From the expat blogs I’ve been it sounds like a common trend line!!!

  • http://expatted.wordpress.com expatted

    Hi! It’s been a while! I have been following your posts with great interest as my own move-date gets closer…I see that my blog has made it on your radar – thanks for the ‘like’ on the Lucha Libre post! I am still building a decent inventory of posts before I start to promote it, but am encouraged that a few people seem to have found it in the meantime. We will be making the shift likely in May, and I hope that we will be able to connect once we get there!

    • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

      Absolutely!!! Sending you my best!

  • http://expatted.wordpress.com expatted

    oh, and “expatted” = Samantha, btw!

  • http://jesscy.com Jessica

    Sometimes getting away from a structured and predictable life is the best thing you could ever do. It was for me. Love your blog!

  • ohivory

    Haha, I enjoy the lightheartedness you wrote your ‘about me’ with. I stumbled upon your blog on the Lucky Mag contributors page and glad I did. I’ll be following you to see more about your adventures. :)


    Instagram: @ohivory

    • http://amovingstory.com amovingstory

      Thanks, Theresa! I’m your newest Instagram follower!!

      Have a super day!

      <3, Kim

  • vjmunton

    Stopping by from the SITS tribe… you have a beautiful blog, and as a former travel agent and a person that loves to travel, I will love hearing of your adventures!