@CruzadaAvon: The Race Was Fun!

Today, my mom and I ran our first 5K! We had a great time. Americans that we are, we arrived on time–and were the first racers to show up! We were a little nervous to be at the starting line– but enjoyed the pre-race warm up–and thought it was pretty cool to stand under Ambassador […]

Mommas Por Mamas with @CruzadaAvon

A few months ago, I attended a luncheon sponsored by the Charity Coalition. The Charity Coalition is a non-profit umbrella organization that sponsors monthly luncheons and two black tie events that expose the broader philanthropic community to a variety of charities in the community. I was the invited guest of the American Benevolent Society, and […]

Frontgate, Sky Mall, E-Z Bed

@frontgate: I Admit It. I Shop @SkyMall

When you board an airplane four things are usually waiting for you: emergency information, an in-flight magazine, sometimes a barf bag, and always sin exception as they say in Spanish, a SkyMall catalogue. When I used to work in Corporate America, I used to fly all of the time. Roughly twice a week. And, as […]

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