Mercado Jamacia

In Minneapolis, my absolute very favorite thing to do is visit the Farmer’s Market. I love going there, chatting with the growers and stockpiling fruits and veggies for our house. My child (God bless him) has a tendency to chat with the vendors and sample their goods before buying. My husband grew up going to […]

Mercado Ciudadela

JBS, Manuela and I visited a wonderful artesinal crafts market called Ciudadela. I had read and heard that many people visit this market because the quality of the goods is so high and the price is so reasonable. Since JBS wanted a traditional Mexican shirt, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore […]

Adventures In Blue Paper Bikinis

Today we had the best time ever in disposable blue paper bikinis. I know that JBS likes to be pampered, and I wanted her trip to Mexico City to be great. But my spa experiences in Mexico haven’t been blissful. My manicures haven’t been enjoyable or long lasting and all three of my pedicures have […]

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