Horno! Not Again!

Nothing in Mexico happens overnight. Well, almost nothing. For weeks, Manuela and I have been hosting repairmen. We have counted 23 different repairmen. This does not include the repairmen who have visited us more than once. The cocina has been Grand Central Terminal! There have been gas leaks, repairs and replacements. We’ve had near-misses with […]

Ruta Del Cupcakes Review: Cupcakes By Tom!

There’s a certain amount of mayhem involved while researching 11 distinct cupcake shops. If you’ve been following along, then you know that I recently followed my first list on Foursquare  and have been diligently reviewing 11 cupcake boutiques in hopes of finding the best cupcake in Mexico City. Today, the boy asked me, “mommy, do […]

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