I <3 Jorge Marin!

I love public art. Love. Love. Love! The boy and I decided to explore our neighborhood and see what was nearby. I thought I had seen a sign that the zoo was nearby and we went over to see how far away it was. En route we saw some beautiful sculptures, some interactive, by an […]

Costco, Costco Mexico, Mexico

Not to be declined!

Today is my first real full day here. DH has gone to work. Manuela, the maid has arrived for her first day of work. The boy and I are trying to figure out what to do first. We decided to go to Costco. There, we could secure the hangers we needed to put our clothes […]

Thanks for Stealing, Starbucks!

I am more determined than ever to learn Spanish. This fool behind the register, David R, had the nerve to give me the wrong change back. Really? I can’t speak Spanish but I certainly can count. 148 pesos is not the same as 168 pesos. I would be less pissed if: (1) the bank wouldn’t […]

57 Minutes Till Landing!

This post is mostly for my mom, who was my first and has been my most dedicated follower. According to the “navigational beacon”, as Jimmy Buffet says, we’re almost there. Thank you for your love and support. Fingers crossed that 240 pounds of luggage seems normal to the folks at Customs!

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