Beauty Break

The super-great thing about DH is that at some point in time, someone communicated to him that I am a princess. And everyone knows that princesses have both standards and reputations to maintain: Straight hair. French manicures. The usual. And since DH abandoned me, leaving me alone in Minneapolis with a small boy to feed […]

Literally, A Moving Story

This place went from home to house in one afternoon. It’s crazy to see everything you own and have amassed in brown boxes–stacked high and piled deep. The movers declared exhaustion and we spent the evening taking down curtains, rods and patching the walls. The Spaniel got sick of the entire affair and did his […]

Gucci Makes Me Happy, And Other Truths!

The movers are here. They arrived in waves and began taping, boxing and wrapping. They also started asking me questions about customs: what could and could not go–the booze, rubbing alcohol, etc. All of the men, all of their questions, the unrolling of tape, rustling of paper and assembly of boxes was more than I […]

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