Making Space

Wow. It is 3 am, and I have walked downstairs at least four times in the last hour. The first time, I took Trooper out and I thought we had been robbed. It took a moment, but I quickly remembered that last evening, I sold our sofa and love seat on Craig’s List to a […]

Tough Mudder

The husband loves pain, torture and team work. Thus, when he told me he was planning to run the Tough Mudder with some classmates, I wasn’t at all surprised. The Tough Mudder has quickly become one of the trendiest obstacle course races around. It also happens to support an outstanding cause: The Wounded Warrior Project. And, […]

Move Date Set!

After playing phone tag for a month Jerry, the moving guy and I finally coordinated. I was trying to figure out logistics and determine: would we receive an offer on our house? (not one, not yet), would we have a muchacha who could babysit Trooper during the day so he wouldn’t have to live at […]

These Jeans Have A Story

I was reading an article about storytelling, and came across a mention of Hiut Denim. Apparently, a guy named David Hieatt, started Hiut Denim to reintroduce employment opportunities in his hometown of Cardigan–a small, rural factory town in England. According to the brand’s web site, the town used to make 35,000 pairs of jeans a […]

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