We Have A Saying Here In Mexico…

It’s never good to find out about a colloquialism after the fact. DH took us to a nice restaurant. Of course, the boy and I decided to order shrimp, our favorite dinner. The shrimp came out on a hot, personal tray that continued to sizzle and cook them. We hungrily snapped them up. We ate […]

A El Museo Frida Kahlo

Today, we decided to enjoy a mini adventure. The boy and I had seen a Frida Kahlo exhibit a few years ago at the Walker Art Center and he really enjoyed it. Although he wasn’t feeling 100%, I wanted to take him on a mini adventure so that he could see a different part of […]

En El Mercado

The boy and I had the opportunity to visit a mercado today. A mercado is a market where food and goods are sold. It was such an interesting experience because our guide was chilango –which is Mexican slang for a lifelong resident of Mexico City. Because she knew the area, markets and customs so well, […]

Tortilla Tour!

We had such an awesome time on our Taco Tour today! One of the cool things that we saw was an urban Tortilla Factory. Shut the front door! I love factory tours! We went to a factory where they take corn, process it and make tortillas using three simple ingredients: corn, water and calcium hydroxide. […]

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